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A few questions... First, I'm posting here, because it seems like the most appropriate place to grab vendor attention. Please move it if I'm in the wrong place.

Does everything that is produced regarding appearance mods for the Corvette need to be licensed? Just curious...

FatherLarry had what I thought is a cool idea. He mentioned some badges for FRCs that, I assume would be like the Z06 front QP badges. I believe him to be in hot pursuit of them, and I imagine that there aren't any out there yet. I realize they would be a very limited sale item with only about 6k FRCs existing (less those that are wrecked, etc.)

The idea I have in mind is an indented Flash "FRC" with smaller alphas, "345" kind of like:

I had been toying with getting it painted on, or maybe someone could construct it out of that same material that they use to make the rock guard nose covers... I dunno... Just seems kind of cool. And a badge might even be cooler.

Or ... Am I, in my own small way, totally deluded, and slightly :puke:

Thanks for any and all opinions.
BTW... If I have ruined my reputation, I have no one to thank but FatherLarry... I have it on good advice that he does what the Rice Krispies tell him to.:lol: :lol: :lol:
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