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For those who don't know the Open Track Challenge is an event on the West Coast in CA and NV (I am shipping car there) in the first week of May.
Event is 7 days at 7 different tracks and traveling over 1,600 miles between the tracks.
Rules are simple- Touring 1 is Vette's (and Vipers, Porsche, etc..) and you must drive car to all events and use tirewear rating tires of at least a 60. Everything else is open.
I have raced for years but usually had race tires so it sets up different strategy and approach. Also budget is smaller due to crazy expense of getting there etc..
If you had $2,000 to spend what would you buy for the best lap times.

Car currently has Haltech T1 and Carbotech Panther Plus pads (will use those again). Tires are currently stock ones but need replacing are GForce KD's better?? Or Ao32R's but with heavier ZR1 rims??
Again looking for best lap times so handling and power both matter.:eek
I have a good idea with alignment also. 1.25-1.50 negative camber front and .75 rear.
I want to win and make you guys proud!!!

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imho, the only "mods" that will directly get you better lap times, assuming (I know, I know) that you've never driven on any of the 6 Cal + 1 Nev tracks before are seat time and more seat time.
anyone who's never been to any given road course before and expects to be competitive lap time wise their first time there is either extremely genetically gifted or liable to be very dissapointed.
so, if you can manage to get a days worth of seat time at each track before competing in the solo-1 like 'time trials', than that will be your best bet.
re tires, without going to Kuhmos (V700) or Hoosiers (R3S03) the stock supercar tires are your best bet. they are just as good as the (overrated) advan A032R's on track, in the dry anyway..
if you have a second set of wheels, go for the Hoosiers, they are the fastest lap time's wise non race slick out there. pricey, fragile, but fast. I wouldn't get any heavier wheels, wheel weight matters quite a bit. the GM 'factory' GS wheels I run on track (17x11 17x9.5) are reasonably light, ~ 20/21 f/r each, and the 5 or 6 pounds apiece that the knockoffs weigh more are not a good trade off, imho..
have fun and try to organize as much as possible in advance.
I couldn't run 7 tracks in 7 days without a support vehicle with a second set of track tires, mounted preferably, and rememb to take more than the normal amount of spare rotors/pads/brake fluid than a 'regular' track day..
I also wouldn't run 7 consecutive track days on the same motor oil, but that's just me..

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