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Can someone in the Central FL area help me auto tap my Z? I,m using a donaldson filter and want to see if the car is running lean. THANKS!!!

Hook it up to your laptop

Download the latest Windows version of AutoTap found at and plug it in.

Choose under fuel (By clicking insert) the a/f ratio; Long Term Fuel trims, bank 1 and bank 2.

If you have a few miles on the filter, you will be back to 14.6:1 a/f ratio throughout the stoichimetric fuel cells 1-17. WOT is the important one, for max performance.

You should start with a log. Then drive the car for awhile, but do not take your eyes off the road to look at the laptop. Death occurs rapidly when you hit a tree.

Once you have gone through WOT a few times, record and replay it. You can see frame by frame where your a/f ratios are in fuel cell 22 (WOT).

We see 12.6:1 at the beginning of our dyno pulls, and 12.1:1 at the end. This is with our larger 30# RC Racing Injectors, however, and the T-1.

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