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Well I pulled an automotive triathalon over the past 4 days. Auto-X at Marina Airport (near Monterey California) on Sunday, Road Raced at ThunderHill (northern California near Willows off I5) and drag raced at Sacramento Raceway on Wed. I now have a bit over 5,000 miles on my '02 Z06!!!

Auto-X was a joke my first time out in the Z06. But it was hands down better than my '96 Z-28 even on Kuhmo's. Road Racing was so fun. My Camaro has always faded the brakes, pushed in the turns, etc, etc. I couldn't ask for much more out of the Z06, except maybe some slicks and more power on the straights (used to spraying the Camaro with nitrous on the straights.) I put stainless braided brake lines on the Z06 and DRM front brake ducts as well as Motul fluid and Earls one man bleeders (couldn't find any Russel speed bleeders, but these work fine.)

Drag racing just keeps getting better and better too. Each week I go out the car gets .1 faster...

I'll post another topic with my ET's and trap speeds and short times...
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