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The Chevy Corvette started its legendary run over 50 years ago and over the years it has constantly evolved to lead performance and value, with occasional lows and numerous highs along the way. It already has sleek and high-ended look, so you might ask yourself why you should include a spoiler to your modern Chevy Corvette? Because it serves two purposes: to get rid of aero drag and to improve the appearance of the automobile. We have 2 exclusive options from Duraflex and IVS, designed for the Chevy Corvette 2005-2013, which you might find interesting.

Duraflex® - ZR Edition Rear Wing Spoiler has aggressive style and will draw everyone's attention on the road. It is made from the material, which combines fiberglass, plastic and flex, and resins for a product that flexes and bends instead of cracking and breaking. It require very little trimming and ready to be installed, comes complete with black primer finish.

IVS® - Tiger Shark Rear Spoiler is a 'wow' spoiler that improves the performance of your beast. It redirect air upwards at the trunk's trailing edge. As air flows upwards, counterforce on the spoiler pushes it, the trunk lid, and entire rear of the vehicle downward. The spoiler is made of durable reaction injection molded urethane, has hassle-free installation and direct bolt-on components. It is backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

To read more about those brands you can visit the following links:

Duraflex -

Check prices for your model and see other details here: 2013 Chevy Corvette Spoilers at

What do you think about this accessory, is it needed or not?
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