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B&B Headers for the Z06...lighter, more powerful, and no cat removal...testing soon:)

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Talked to Mike at B and B today. We will be receiving the FIRST production set of Z06 headers early next week.

We have been awaiting their arrival since we were told about them weeks ago and placed our orders. A non-cat removal header that is both lighter and more powerful than the current configuration on the Z06... A winner to say the least

Here is some info from Mike at B&B from sometime back...

Richard, just a quick note to update you on our progress. Of our many
attempts to beat the OEM manifolds on the Z06, we've made a set of step (1
5/8 " at the flange that step up to 1 3/4") with two cylinders merging into
a 2 1/4" collector then the two 2 1/4" collectors merging into a single 2
1/2" collector. In plain words, a step tri Y header or in even plainer
language, a sprint car header for a ZO6. The sucker works!! On a Z06, it
makes 8 hp starting at 1200 RPM and steadily progresses to 13-14-15. Torque
increases are +6 at 1200 and again steady progression to 14-15-16. This is
on a Z06, THE KING of the Generals exhaust. We are searching for an LS-1 to
test and we all feel the numbers on a LS-1 will approach 20. We are now
totally convinced that a 2000 header, fitted to a 2001, is definitely the
wrong way to go. CARB approval has been requested, normally a slow process that we
are hoping to expedite. Production should
start in about 4 weeks .

Have a good day---Mike R.


These guys are wroking hard to find some more power with a reduction in weight...



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Frank, long tubes.

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