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Well, what a trip and what a car! I know many others have posted here concerning their BG experiences so I will try not to make this overly long.

Trip down from Northern Va was unenventful except for a minor miscue with the Enterprise rental car we were supposed to pick-up at Nashville airport. This problem happened to other folks coming into Nashville for Museum deliveries. Basically, our rental car did not show up as promised, so we had to make alternate arrangements. I let Judy Yenko know about the problem, so hopefully it will be resolved for those of you who are planning Musuem deliveries in the near future - just a "heads up".

We arrived in BG and stayed with William Strode and his wife at their historic B&B. This picturesque B&B has been the site of many of many Museum related functions and it was great chatting with the Museum Director the evening before our Delivery. If any of you are interested in more info about the B&B, let me know.

That night, my wife and I had dinner in BG at the 44 Main St Restaurant and Bar where we met Jerboa and her surprise guests - Sonny Kilgo and his lovely wife Carmen. I think we all had a great time sharing our perspectives re our favorite car - I know the poor waitress had a time with us just getting our appetizer orders! I would strongly recommend you give this place a try, if you are in the area.

Of course, I slept soundly that night ;) and woke up the next morning completely calm and rested. This was a total immersion type of experience for me since I had never been to the Museum and have never driven a C5 before. I was eager to compare "baby blue" to my last car, a '93 ZR-1.

We started off with the factory tour which lasted nearly two hours and I was pleasantly surprised that my wife seemed to be as fascinated as I was with the assembly process. At several points we chatted briefly with the folks building these cars, and it was clear that they took a great deal of pride in what they were doing and they were pleased to meet the folks who buy the cars. A substantial number of cars were being built for export to Europe and Japan - the Japanese cars had enough lights on the rear to make up a Christmas tree. :eek: My wife got to "give birth" to a Torch Red convertible, she was completely surprised and excited.

Time passed so quickly, before we knew it, we were back in the Museum, and after a brief tour - got to see our car! Damn, that car looked beautiful! I think I was in a daze during the walk through, I just remember the excitement of sitting in my car and strating it up for the first time. My wife literally looked over the car inch by inch and declared that it was perfect! Helpful hint, bring someone SANE with you to do this when you get your car!


All I can say, do a Museum Delivery if you can - at least once. Not only is it a very special experience, The delivery folks put your car through a level QC scrutiny that goes far beyond anything a dealer does.

Thanks for capturing the Delivery guys. I will report on my ride home in the next post....
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