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Back on the early days of this site

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Came across them items given to me almost 20 years ago
Clock Wood Technology Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Floor Grey Wood Rectangle
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Wow, and there is another one! Hi Dave!
Yup, I freggin survived!!! Nice to see some of the original Z06ers! We should plan a Z06 weekend at the meseum sometime! I went through the meseum this past june. Absolutely top notch!
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‘Old Guard” is certainly a proper description for this crowd. How goes it gang…
Hey sparkie, we seem to be surviving! Move into your new house yet?
Wow, Mark too! Anyone of you have the picture from Hooters when we had the banner with us? ;)
I don't think I have it. But I'll look.
If you can still get in and out of your Z and shift just before you hit the rev limlter you are not old.:)
Nah, I like to grind it when I shift!!!
I have the banner somewhere, probably still in the trunk of my 01Z
I must be getting old. Why were we looking for that banner?
1 - 6 of 27 Posts