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Bassani "Off Road" X Pipe.

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I just placed my order for a Bassani "off road" X pipe and now I'm worried that I should'nt have! I live in Columbus, Ohio and we have no emission testing here. I wanted to do away with both sets of cats, but now from some of the posts I've read I'm afraid this will mess up the computer. I also have a set of B&B "shortie" headers and a B&B PRT exhaust system with oval tips ready to go on the car when the X pipe gets here. Any advice would be appreciated!
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That is interesting information. I didn't know they made an X-Pipe that eliminated the CATS. FRCTom installed Long Tubes on his Z and was having a code problem, but after a relearn, the codes went away.

Hopefully C4C5Specialist will be able to help you.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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