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If you are looking to buy a Corvette in ths St. Louis, MO area, I highly recommend ELCO Chevrolet. They have a great selection. Their sales team is helpful, almost to a fault, and I bought used. Can't wait to see how well I'm treated when I buy my next new one. Thanks, especially, to Andy Weiss and Gary.

The service department is great, as well. They almost embarrass me with the respect and friendliness they treat me, as well as other customers with. Chris is top line, and the mechanic that works on my car, Bill G., is nothing short of impressive.

Among my other hats, I'm a Customer Satisfaction Manager, and have quite a bit of experience in that field. These folks, in my professional opinion, are second to none in service and quality.

Didn't mean to prattle on so much, but did want to get the point across. If you don't at least shop there when you're in the market, you are certainly shorting yourself.

Take care,
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