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I don't know that I agree with you on that. While they did only do the front, your front brakes usually account for 80% of your braking in most vehicles. So in many cases the backs are not as big a concern. While I think it might be a good idea to upgrade the backs, I think the fronts are the more important of the two.

I also would not expect the addition of better fronts to make the system unbalanced.

I was discussing brakes with a friend of mine who is a road racer. He pointed me at the Brembos over the Wilwoods. Here is what he had to say.

> >> Willwoods are show calipers. Get some real stop with Brembo like I
> >> run.
> Check out this story...
> Another track friend of mine (I've got a few) is an engineer at
> Brembo. If you want, I could check into a setup for you. Lemme know.

> I know you know who SW is Brad, I don't think he would be using them
> if they were only for show. But the price on the Brembos ain't bad.
> ---------
> >> Actually, a racer frined of mine used to work at Dilusi
> >> when
> they first got going. Nice stuff, but I still think Wilwood is mid
> level at best. I'm a brake snob. <hehe> The Brembo Big Red caliper
> (like I run) is a stud. Put some Performace Friction 93s on them and
> watch you fillings fly out. The Wilwoods have a tendency to stretch
> when they get hot as they are a two piece with 8mm bolts. The Big Reds
> use 12mm bolts and are cast as one piece then machined in pairs to
> keep the casting grains inline. Good stuff.

Also I asked him about the Porsche GT3 brakes that some folks are using. Which from my understanding are Brembo's also.

So there is a Brembo kit for the back.

Anyhow, just wanted pass that along. Darth's setup looks cool ( and I will consider it). But, I was just posting some other options, casue it never hurts to have options.

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"Brake snob"... that's funny! What does that make me? I run the 14" Brembo kit on the *F150 Pickup* :lol:

Anyway, Brian is right, here is a good article about how upgrading only the front brakes can actually hurt braking performance over stock.

But with that said, I would argue that you can minimize the balance problem by running hotter pads in the rear. Going from a 12.6" rotor to a 14" rotor shouldn't be TOO bad...

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I have read a considerable number of posts about brake upgrades in a variety of forums, and there has always been a lively discussion about brake balance in systems that have larger calipers and rotors, especially when only the front system has been upgraded.

I believe that most of the posts are based on speculation rather then specific testing because I do not know anyone who has run the stock system on the track, then upgraded the front only, run the car on the track, then upgraded the rear brakes, and run the car on the track

I have attempted to be scientific in my brake upgrades, and so far, have run the stock system, and then done a front brake upgrade on a Z28 and Viper. Our Z06 is stock.

The front only upgrade on the Z28 was a 4 piston Alcon system and ZR1 13 inch rotors. This was a significant change from the 10.5 inch rotors and single piston cast iron calipers

The braking performance at the track is first rate, with very short stopping distances, almost no fade, and as far as I can tell, absolutely no problems with brake balance. The pedal pressure and pedal travel is great. This upgrade is a 100% success and I have probably run 20 track days with the new system. BTW, I have also tried slotted and plain rotors and can't tell any difference in fade resistance or stopping distance.

The Viper upgrade was a front only Stoptech system, which uses a much larger caliper and the same size rotor as stock, except it is two piece. Threshold braking on the Viper is more difficult then on the Z28 because the Viper does not have ABS. I flat spotted a tire at Thunderhill with the stock system.

I do not have enough track days in the Viper, and I am still testing brake pads (Pagid Oranges next up), so I do not feel comfortable making an evaluation, but so far, the new system feels pretty good. I do not have any more problems locking up the front wheels then I did before, although the car does stop better.

Ok, so maybe I have a brake fetish, but I would be interested in anyone else’s experience with their brake upgrades.

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