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Bilstein Z06 Sport Shock and Hotchkis Z06 Sway Bar Package Deal Going on NOW!!

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Dear Z06 Owners:

We have put together a package deal for those of you that want better handling and a more compliant ride in your Z06.

Bilstein Z06 Sport Shocks:

Hotchkis Z06 Front and Rear Sway Bars:

You can order any of these items by clicking: HERE

and by clicking: HERE

Thank you for taking the time and reading this. You will love the way your Z06 will feel once you have these shocks and sway bars on your Z06!


Specializing in Performance Products for C4/C5 Vettes, 94-96 Impala SS and GM Truck/SUV's.

You can view our entire product listing by clicking: HERE

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We have a policy on this forum not to publish prices. You are more than welcome to place a link in your thread to the prices.


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Does the car ride too harsh for around town type driving? Mrs Zippy didn't like taking trips in my '94 ZR1 because she said the ride was too rough after 2-3 hours in it.



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Zippy, I have Hotchkis sway bars on my C5 and have since the 2nd week I owned the car. You will get a slightly harsher ride, the C5 had plastic end links so replacing them with the Hotchkis soild metal links did add road noise, but as soon as your car hits the first turn you quickly forget any road noise, I do not know what the Z06 has as far as end links but I would guess they are solid. I will put Hotchkis sway bars on my Z06 when I get it, I am very happy with my sway bars.

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