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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Zippy:
I have always liked the 5 spoke black mags that came on the '96 Admiral Blue GS model Vet. My thought is what if GM offered similar wheel as an option on the C5? Bet it would look great on white, red, silver, black, or any color C5 for that matter!
That way one could get the silver/gray finish of the stock wheel, the hi-polished option or a black wheel for that race-car look. For the Z, keep the present wheel and add the black mag as a choice. What do you think?

likes it!


Sit tight Zippy. I'll be rolling out my new beast in a couple of weeks. I just mounted up BF Goodrich TA Gforce KDWs on 547 HREs with black anodized spokes. 20" in the rear and 19" in the front. Very NASTY.
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