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local dealer just received an unsold black Z06 with modified torch interior and all options..(what few there are)...
no discounts/no will be sold at msrp...this car is located about 15 miles northeast of St Louis in Collinsville, IL. e-mail me if you need dealership info...I have dealt with this dealership before and would have bought my Z from them if they had received a first round allocation in May...

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I love the Black/Mod Red!! Sherylann hates it!! Go figure.

Remember when I tried to get you a ride in the Black/Mod Red Z06 before they were released??
Sorry buddy!!
LOL I had fun...wish you were there!! LMAO I've still got pics if you want them!! ROTFLMAO!! JK Buddy!!

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I think that ride got you a mention in a magazine, didnt it??? we'll have to get all three of ours together for a picture sometime...I always thought the Clark Bridge in Alton would make a nice backdrop...

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