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Halltech installed our balanced, blueprinted fuel injectors yesterday with very good results. No hype just a perfect idle, torque from hell, and the kind of power the airflow demands from the injectors. These units are 30# (310cc).vs the 24# stock LS1 injectors balanced within .1 each and are of the Lucas style; direct bolt on with no mods whatsoever. Time to install: 1 hour.

Going back a few months, our test dummy LS1 made 329 RWHP with our Halltech TRIC/MAG, and ported throttle body combination and stock exhaust (Z06) (We have seen 333 with the Bassanis in the past).

Our goal has been to start with every intake mod possible for the LS1 motor to allow better breathing capability before going to the exhaust side.

We now have the blueprinted injectors and LS6 manifold installed with the Halltech Ported throttle body.

Dyno results shortly.

Bassani has asked for our intake system for use in their dyno testing of a Z06 which they claim made +25 RWHP with their new off road exhaust.

We will be testing this system on our LS1 as part of our Stage II, along with Bassani Mufflers and X-pipe, and the B&B headers. We are expecting over 30 RWHP but that may be very optimistic. 5 from the headers would put us there.

The Z06 testing will be with the new Z06 headers and Bassani's new exhaust and our Titanium Tunnel Ram Induction Cold-air MAG system. Can you say 390 RWHP? That would be the 361 RWHP we have already seen on two separate dynos, and two separte Z06s with the Halltech TRIC/MAG/Ported Throttle Body combo. If Bassani can sqeek out 25 and the headers even 5, we are there.

Time will tell.

Jim Hall

2000 C5/ Halltech TRIC/MAG/LS6 Manifold/Z06 exhaust
2002 On Order.

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