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My son defected and bought a 2005 Black/Black/Black Mustang Convertible. Not a GT but I am slightly impressed. He asked me about hopping it up and I did some research and ran across the following.

Like Dodge's Competition Coupe program, Ford has an FRC500 Mustang that you can buy turn key for $125,000 and go racing. You can also build one from parts and FORD has a great support program.

Here is info on the new and soon to be released Shelby Cobra GT500 for the street:

Although you can purchase a C5R/C6R through Pratt & Miller or a roller chassis from Chevy for $18,000 and there are some T1 parts and HP parts available the support isn't as good as Ford's "Body in White" grass roots program.

GM Chevy should be more active in this area.....but that's OK....if they don't we intend to fill the gap and supply the niche. Stay tuned.
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