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Both front turn signals come on and stay on

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After five minutes of warm up, both of the front turn signals (not the parking lights) on my new Z06 (less than 300 miles )come on and stay on. Not the headlights, not the rear taillights (knob is turned off), just both the right and left front turn signals.

This has happened since day one with my 'vette, only after five minutes of warmup.

You can see the misbehavior in my sig picture. Anybody out there have any clues as to what the problem might be before I take it to the dealer (shutter, cold sweat) for warentee service? Am I missing something?

Thanks for the thoughts from a semi distressed new 'vette owner.
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Are you sure they are not your daytime running lights (drl).........
Right, IMA. Just got the answer on that "other" forum.

Yes, it's a newbie 'vette owner talking here.
They are my DRL's.

Thanks for the post, this forum is the end all for 'vette owners everywhere.
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I think the snow is causing the problem. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_eek.gif
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