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Bowling Green via Lexington?

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I'll be flying into Lexington KY, enroute to my first born Z in BG sometime at the end of August. Any ideas on transportation from Lexington to the plant in Bowling Green? Will a rental car co pick the car up from the Hospital?... I mean Plant.I'm open to any suggestions. I'm still new to this parent thing, so please excuse any pre delivery jitters, It's been this way ever since I went to 3100 status. And this is my First Corvette! Supras,Porsches,Hyundai, I've had em all.Then one day in May I drove a ZO6........enough said. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

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There is an airport in Bowling Green, so I'm sure there are car rental places.

Call and ask them?
I'm flying into Nashville on 8/30/01 and picking up a Hertz rental and dropping it at the airport in Bowling Green. Cost for a one day rental with a drop off is $97.00
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