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I wasn't even thinking Corvettes last weekend, but I was visiting some friends in Nashville, and we decided to drive up to Louisville to visit Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (what a waste). As we drove along into Kentucky, I saw a sign for Bowling Green and Corvettes popped into mind.

It was Saturday, so I knew any possible factory tour wouldn't be available, but we stopped off at the Bowling Green exit to drive up the museum. Unfortunately, we left Nashville late and the fact that we lose an hour in Louisville, we wanted to get to Six Flags and have enough time to do everything.

I would have loved to have gone inside and taken a look around at the museum as being in Bowling Green is not an everyday thing when you go to school in Philadelphia and live in South Florida. Anyway, there were plenty of corvettes outside parked including an old C1, a C3, as well as some C4's and C5's (including a millennium yellow z06).

-Ben FR
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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