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I "hot" bled my brakes today for the first time using my new SS Speedbleeders and Mallett's Brake Bleed Bottle.

Speedbleeders work great with just 1/4 turn. Bang the caliper with a rubber mallet. Pump the brake pedal four times. Check the tubing for air, retighten the Speedbleeder to 40 in/lbs and recap.

The Mallett bottle is a breeze. First stainless steel cable loop allows you to hang it from suspension piece or on a wheel stud. Very convienient. Clear bleeder hose fits on Speedbleeder nipple nicely. Catches waste fluid cleanly. Hose slips back in bottle vent hole to seal. No runs, no drips, no errors!!! What a breeze. Easy clean up. Dispose of fluid and wash bottle and hose with mild soap. Piece of cake!!

BTW, remember to refill the master between each wheel caliper bleed AND at the end!!
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