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I am starting to notice some rotor vibration on my 01 ZO6 when slowing from 100+mph..I know this is due to rotor warp and need some advise..

I was thinking of just upgrading my front rotors on the front and get some ss lines..Any suggestions on what brand and where to order??..

Also,would I just be better off in the long run to go ahead and get a big brake setup for the front?

If so what brand and where to purchase? I also have stock wheels so I believe syoptechs are out of the picture..

Any input is appreciated.. :cheers:

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Having spent the last season doing a few DE's I discovered that most of the C5's on the track were using just the standard rotors that you can buy several places for under 30 dollars a piece. Just replace them when they crack or get bad.

As for pads you can upgrade the standard Z06 pads to a more aggressive pad for street/race (Hawk) or go for a race pad setup on the track (several).

Ss brake lines are always a good idea and you will notice a firmer petal feel.

Might want to consider going to a Dot 4 brake fluid too.

Good Luck

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You can upgrade the OEM brakes for track use. Heat is the biggest problem

1. Rotors are the weakest link. OEM's have poor Brazilian metallurgy. Cheaper OEM replacements are not any better and should be considered disposable. You can buy reasonable metallurgy OEM replacements (@ $75 ea.) and then:
- Option to slot the rotors is OK, DO NOT cross drill.
- Extrude Hone internal vanes for better cooling
- Vibration Stress Relieve to relieve Thermal Stress
- Proper 3 step Cryogenic treat to relieve Mechanical Stress
- Final Heat treat to raise Rockwell Hardness
- Heat Emitter coat on vanes to "sweat" rotors

2. Install Race Fluid. Be sure to use a Tech II Analyser to Bleed ABS initially on purge, flush and refill
- Either Motul 600, AP 600, Wilwood EXP, GS610

3. Install Race Brake Pads, eiither:
- PFC '01 for track use ONLY. Not suitable for street (must be warnmed up) and are very agressive on the rotors.
- KFP Gold Magnum Pads for street/track/AutoX. These do not have as high of operating temp as the PFC's but have great initial bite (even at cold temps), excellent coefficient of friction, braod torque curve and temperature curve and excellent and quick release. These have a built in ceramic backing plate.

4. Calipers:
- replace Aluminum Caliper Pistons with Doug Rippie SS OR
- replace with VB&P F1 vented Titanium tipped caliper pistons
- Option: VB&P rebuilt calipers (0.004" micro honed bore).
- VB&P Caliper Piston Seals are better than OEM
- Anodize Caliper Piston Bore
- Moly coat the Caliper Piston Skirt
- Ceramic coat Caliper Piston pad contact face
- Coat outside of caliper with heat emitter
- Ceramic coat inside of Caliper

5. Goodridge SS Lines with -3AN connectors. DO NOT use the ones with Banjo Connectors or larger -4AN lines or connectors. You can also apply an outside shrink wrap to protect the SS lines and reduce static charge build up and transmission

6. Install Speedbleeders

7. Install Doug Rippie Front Brake Duct Extensions

8. Install LG Motorsport Hub Ducts

9. Option to Install Seine Systems MPC Water Injection Cooling System

10. Use a catch bottle and bleed often while hot and use a rubber mallet on the calipers during bleed to remove any traped air
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