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brakes again

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Well, my brakes were starting to pulse really badly again, and I finally got off my butt and did something about it...

No, I didn't bitch at Chevy, that'll happen in a few days when I take her in to have the rear-end oil seal fixed (new cars shouldn't leak oil).

Anyway... I pulled all the wheels off this afternoon, and torqued them down properly. (skipping every other lug nut, stepping down the torque, etc)

The gist of the story is the pulsing is almost gone now.

Thank you stupid techs who torque stuff down in one shot. Next time you take your C5 in, and they have to pull the wheels, _INSIST_ that they use a torque wrench and step them down (if possible, watch them do it).

I bet chevy would save a lot of cash if they taught their damned techs how to install wheels properly.
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Thanks for the post. I had this pulsing happen only when hot. Please tell how much they pulse if they get heated again when you get a chance......
It is hard to believe that the dealers do not use a torque wrench, but some do not and GM should be called if you ever see this happening, that is what a GM area service rep told me last year. I do not know if it would do any good, but that what I was told.
Well, they're back to pulsing just a little bit. I'd say it has been cut down drastically though.

So its definitely worth the time to get the car up in the air and pull the wheels.
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