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Just recieved my Breathless bar and installed it over the weekend. Overall quality and finish of the unit was exceptional. My only complaint was that the directions did not contain pictures and it made it a little difficult to figure out which way the bar was supposed to go. Luckily, I figured this out within just a few minutes but this might pose a problem for others. The bar itself needed a little persuasion to align with the bolt holes giving it sort-of a spring loaded fit but I think this is probably a good thing since it makes the unit very solid and part of the structure of the car. Only other problem was the lap and crotch belt bolts were too long and required washers to be placed between the belt mount and the floor brakets.
Once installed, the unit looks excellent and very unobtrusive. The bar comes complete with camera and fire extinguisher mounts. I tried to find off-the-shelf harnesses so I could compare but was unsuccessful, so after a brief internet research decided to use the RCI cam-lock release harnesses. The RCI's are really sharp. Bright red with yellow and red logo patches and plenty of extra strap length to accomodate even the largest drivers. the look of the complete setup is very sharp. It gives my black interior just the right amount of red spash.
And I must've never really experienced a ZO6....until you've been bolted to've just gotta try it!
Will post pics soon.
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