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I was dropping the exhaust from the car in order to do a clutch bleed (per the article on and I busted 3 of the bolts that hold the exhaust flange of the pipes to the header tubes. Doh! :(

Actually, I am installing the remote bleeder line from LAPD so that the bleeding procedure will take a lot less time.

Here is a shot (courtesty of

I busted 1 on the left side, and 2 on the right side.

Anyone have part numbers? Each bolt has two nuts on it (just like most of us :p )

Where is the best place to find something like this in stock? I need to get this back together this weekend! I suppose the $tealer$hip might have them, but I wanted to be armed with part numbers when I encounter the inevitable noob 13 year old punk that will be at the parts counter.

Thanks! :pp:
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