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Maybe this is old news..

Check these out.. New SCCA Stock class categories that move the C4 'vettes and are "intended for implementation 1/1/02":

This is a recommendation, so it isn't necessarily set in stone.

The big news is in SS. The C4 and ZR-1 go to A-Stock. The C5 remains in SS with just a few other cars:

BMW M3 (E46), M5 ('00+)
Corvette C5
Dodge Viper R/T, GTS
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Mazda RX-7 TT ('93+)
Porsche 911 (996 chassis)
911 Turbo, 930 (2WD)

This seems great - it gives all those C4's a place to play away from the Z06's <insert shark eating young graphic here>
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