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C5R Hood

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How many people would be interested in a C5R hood for your Corvette? Is it too much, or do you like it? What if it had a panel on the underside that could be used for blocking the water when raining and removed for great ventilation. What do you think?
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The possible glitch I see to having the same profile of the extractor portion of the C5R hood is the interference with the airbridge of the stock C5.

The C5R is a direct injection, individual velocity stack per cylinder setup.

You can't pull anywhere near the downward angle of the extraction area with a throttlebody fed setup.

For this reason I'd have to see a finished hood that'll work.

A true copy of the race hood profile isn't going work IMHO.

It's a worthwhile look to shoot for. I am interested in what you come up with.

I'm not convinced it would be as functional as the race hood as you stated. A hole in the hood will extract some heat, check out the way the race hood works and you might agree it won't function the "same".

2k FRC
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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