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C5R Hood

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How many people would be interested in a C5R hood for your Corvette? Is it too much, or do you like it? What if it had a panel on the underside that could be used for blocking the water when raining and removed for great ventilation. What do you think?
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Here is a picture of what I would build. The C5R hood, minus the fender vents because they would just not look right if you made them smaller, and the NACA ducts removed, more ways for water to enter. Well what do you think?

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So what do you other guys think. I sure get alot more input on the other Corvette board than this one, let's change that.
The hood will be as funtional as the racecar's hood is. However there will be a panel that can be put in or taken out to make it funtional or not depending on whether conditions. This hood will be running about the same price as others out there but there will be a way to get a great deal on one by being one of the first to buy one. There will be a introductory price for the first 6 available only to people on the message boards. Keep reading the posts to know when to order. Thanks.
I have looked the car over and those of you who said that the dipped part (heat extractor) won't work is right. For one the the air intake is in the way along with the powersteering bottle. However this picture was posted on the other message board and this is what it will look like. As I said before there will be 3 hoods per message board sold for a big reduction as an introductory offer so don't be left out. Thanks everyone.
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What do you guys think about this style of hood? This is also the same style of front fascia that I will be looking at but it just won't be as low for clearance reasons. Oh and about the comment I made earlier that the hood would be as funtional as the race car's well yes it would have the same vents outside but the way the racecar's engine bay is setup it is more geared towards cooling efficiency than the street car is. Sorry for the misleading comment.
Email me with your name address and phone number and you will be put on the list, then as soon as we have a price and the introductory price then a deposit will be requested. Thank you for your interest in Godsil Performance.
I had a website up for my other endevour which was customizing trucks. I have taken that one off though and am in the process of putting one on for the Corvette. We have just started with the Corvette although I have been a loyal follower of Corvettes I thought the truck business would be more profitable with the recent popularity of trucks and SUVs. Though I have chosen now to go with Corvettes, I feel this was a better idea than with the trucks. So sit back, relax, and see what we will be offering in the near future.
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