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My name is Arnold, I have a C6 Z06 2008 - bought used in 2012 (from original owner).
After driving the car 2000 ml over 15 months, in Dec 2013, engine broke due to valve falling in chamber.
After local Fresno CA GM denied it was an issue known by GM, engine was replaced at no cost.
Then started the second set of issues.
Very soon after, I had (and still have) issue to start the engine when hot. More specifically when engine is hot, if I stop for +/- 30 minutes (then temperature goes up) the starter while cranking can barely make it. After few attempts, battery dies. The next day, when car has cooled down, the engine starts just like nothing happened.
In addition, interfering with this starting issue came several electrical issues: clock disappearing and coming back randomly, same for tire pressure gauge, same for windows up and down, etc, etc.

For the electrical part, GM dealer found ground issues but problem still there, 8 years later.
Now regarding engine starting issue: starter, alternator, cable battery-engine, piston/valve sensors, etc, etc have been changed. I paid several $1000's, but still the issue.
For the past 8 years (2013-2021), I drove the car 6000ml, but the car spent a total over 72 weeks !!! ( 20 months+) over 14 visits to 2 GM dealers. No results whatsoever.

Finally I have been recently in contact with a 3rd GM dealer, very nice, who was well aware of such issue: Titanium on the rods is failing and eroding, circulating in the oil, and grinding the bearings apart over time... nice ! I proceeded with an oil analysis which confirmed that titanium levels in oil were very high along with steel and aluminum particles. The 3rd dealer confirmed that GM was aware of this issue that occurred on LS7 engine during the period 2012-2014 (if I remember correctly) ... just when my engine was replaced by GM for the 1st time.

Anybody aware of that ?

Issue coming up now, is who is paying to replace the deficient engine ? GM started saying that the engine is no longer under manufacturer warranty, therefore I would be responsible to pay for the replacement, but I argued that over 8 years, the car has been in their hands for almost 2 full years, and I could not drive the car besides staying in town because of the starting issue that caused me to call for tow truck on multiple occasions.

Any input ?
Thanks a lot
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