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z06 is in can anyone help me with where to but how much and hard to install thanx dennis

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I got mine at LAPD, under $20 w/shipping. I also installed it and it takes more time to get the car in the air than it does to install it. I had to wait for some Rhino ramps to arrive before I got under the car. I could have used the floor jack and a couple jack stands, but I wanted to look around a while and not mess with the jack/stands.
The installation is nothing more than unplugging the wire from the trans and replacing it with the "plug" unit. The other end fastens to the wiring harness and they even provide a tie to hold it up and out of the way. There's an instruction sheet inside the package.... if you use the ramps (or a way to get to one of the oil change pits!) it's a 10 minute job or less.....

Good luck!

If you have to drive, do it in a C5.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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