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GM's excuse was that the roof panel was to large.
The real reason was to keep the car as inexpensive to build as possible. Much cheaper to produce a car with very few options, no interior choices, limited color choices, no transmission choice, no suspension choices. Just a balls to the wall stripped down bad ass Vet.
And yes there is at least one 1999 Millenium Yellow hardtop still at the plant that was the mule for the Z06.

Thank you for posting something that has to do with the cars we both have a passion for.
I have owned 2 '54s, 1 '56, 2 '58s, 2 '62s, 1 '63, 1 '66, and 1 '74 besides a black '99 hardtop and the 3 hardtops I still own.
If I want to post something about C1s, 2s, or 3s I do it in the misc. section.
Please be a pal and do the same.
Regards and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
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