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I'm looking at this car that has a TSP 233/239 cam, but the guy said he would swap in a 225/225 (225/220 maybe?something close, I can't remember) if I wanted since I will be using this car for autox and a little road racing, as well as daily driving. He mostly uses it for drag racing now.

I was wondering which cam you guys would recomend for my application, you think the cam he has in there would be too agressive for daily driving? and would the other cam he said he would swap in for me provide a better powerband for auto-x and roadracing? Thanks!

I'd like to just keep the more agressive cam in there for the extra power if it's doable, but I just wanted some opinions first.

BTW, this is in an LS1 car, but I just thought I would ask here since you guys are knowlegeable :thumb:
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