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im getting ready to install my H/C/I and would like some input when it comes to my cam selection. First, the car gets driven maybe once a week and may make a 200-300 mile road trip once a year.
so far, i have gotten PRC 285cc heads that are milled to 68cc which should put me close to 11.5 cr. I have got a FAST 102 intake shipped to PEAK speedshop to have it ported and matched to the heads. will be running the nick williams throttle body and callaway honker cai. considering running the morel link bar lifters. anyone have good luck with those? other additions will be 160 thermostat, ati (10%) balancer, fast fuel rails, arp bolts, and katech c5r timing chain. my ultimate goal is to be above 600 rwhp n/a with this setup. i have already installed kooks long tubes, off road mid pipe and borla atak exhaust.
i have looked at the hell widow r from carlos at vette air, brian tooleys stage 4, tick performance, or even a custom grind. hoping to get some input from eveyone because i cant decide which one would be best.

thanks for the help!
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