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Camber gauge?

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I'm looking for a camber gauge for my Z, longacre makes a nice mount for theres that presses up against the wheel. BUT, its for 13"-17" wheels only.

Anyone know where I can get something like this for an 18" wheel?
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HI there,
I had my local machine shop machine me a straight edge, 3" thick, by 18" long out of teflon, and it works great.
Just a thought, c4c5
Hmm, that sounds like an idea.
I've been doing my own alignments for 20 years just using an inclinometer that you can buy from any hardware store with a decent tool department. You can read the camber directly to within a eighth of a degree.

The caster reading is the difference in camber reading taken with the wheel at the steering stops. You just have to be careful determining the sign.

I always adjust to equal camber and caster on both sides. I measure total toe with a tape measure, but usually have to tweak the tie rods once or twice to get the steering wheel dead-on straight.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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