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Does anyone know the stock grind of the Z06 and has anyone tried any of the cams out their for the LS1 cars? From the flow numbers they posted in HITech the LS6 seems way under-cammed.Any info would be great.

Quicksilver Z06 w/shifter
Prev owner claims 12.1 @118mph
Im gonna find out soon!
DC area
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On 2001-05-23 09:03, y2khardtop spewed forth this drivel:
I'm running the ASA cam and GM CNC'd (by Lingenfelter) heads. Great power, but poor idle unless you bump up the idle speed.

Hey Dave!

Hope things are going well for your racing efforts.

Spent a fair amount of time with Danny Kellermeyer at the Birthday Bash. He's a great guy as well.

With that ASA cam and head work you must be in the 450HP+ range. Are you running the ASA ECM or a reprogram on the stock controller?

I never did receive that paperwork you wanted me to look over. If you sent it let me try to track it down. If you didn't, give me a shout on my e-mail.

Best of luck!

On 2001-05-15 23:54, Hib Halverson spewed forth this drivel:
The cam specifications for the OE 01Z06 camshaft are posted at

Need more power?
Use the 02 Z06 camshaft, valves, springs and calibration. Uh...when they're available. What are the specs for the 02?

The full story will be on the C5 Registry site at 00:00:01 on 6/20.

Also bear in mind that the ratio of the rocker needs to be taken into consideration when calculating the final lift numbers.

The cam specs for LS series motors look pretty bland until the multiplication of the rockers is calculated.

One nice thing about over ratio'ed rockers is the increase in ramp speed, or maybe better stated the velocity the valve opens as a result. It's a way to get a more "radical" camming without grinding a cam that would be hard on even a roller lifter.

Once again, the raw cam specs don't look exciting for LS motors until you do the math including the rocker ratio.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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