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Does anyone know the stock grind of the Z06 and has anyone tried any of the cams out their for the LS1 cars? From the flow numbers they posted in HITech the LS6 seems way under-cammed.Any info would be great.

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Im gonna find out soon!
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Thanks for all the info guys, I am looking at putting a combo together for my car, and dont want to spend $2000 for 20-30hp been their done that with my old TA. I finally got serious and spent 1k on a cam, rebuild, and I ported my own heads, picked up over 1sec in the 1/4. Anyway its just me. Thanks again for the info. I will let you guys know what elese I find out.

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I went and looked at MTI's web site, With the LS1 head and cam package stage 1 they are at 391hp and torque went up to 366. They lost nothing on the bottom end. I was impressed. Even though the stock Z06 heads dont flow quite as well as the ported LS1 they are within 10cfm. If what I am seeing is right put a cam in and get 370-380 at the wheels not bad and probelly cost less than a cat-back system.

The dyno sheet shows an improvement from 299.6 maximum rear wheel HP to 391.3 maximum rear wheel HP (A 91.7 Rear Wheel HP Increase). Torque increased from 316.9 to 366.9.

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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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