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Canadians are disgusting idiots

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Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are Canadians...people and beer. But as Churchill said, ".....two Countries divided by a common language" holds true. One of my old buddies called and left a message...."Hey Worm, heard you got a new ZED!!!!"


Makes me wonder.... how do they do the fender badging in Canada?????

or maybe a new song from a "Canadian content" rock group....

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Are we talkin aboot a Zeed heh??

Honestly, I got good friends in Canada. And the are cool, like my buddy MattG.
Me too Frank. I think he called and knew exactly what he was saying...just to bug me...Ehhh.

BTW mines just like yours....the Silver one of course.... but now its a little lower. stops a little quicker. turns a little quicker. squats a little sooner. has better brake pedal feel and modulation with no fade under extreme and frequent application and is tunable (shocks are double adjustable in compression and rebound. I will leave the rebound alone but have six positions on the compression and they won't fade either because the have huge reservoirs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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