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Lots more go for only a little more dough.
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In 2003, Chevy's steel, aluminum, resin, and glass-fiber wondercar will turn 50. That's an impressive feat for a car few thought would make it out of the Eisenhower decade. We are already living in fear of the commemorative decal package in which GM must be planning to mummify America's favorite sports car.
Message to GM and Chevy: Just don't do it! From our viewpoint, they're already celebrating. Why else would the bow-tie crew add 20 horsepower to the most powerful Corvette without significantly raising the price? That's right, the Z06 Corvette now pounds the pavement with 405 horsepower. The base price climbs only $1650 (pretax) to an out-the-door price of $50,844.

Oh, sure, you can buy a car with more horsepower, but expect to shell out greenbacks quicker than Phillips at a topless carwash. The next rung on the horsepower and price ladder is the $74,050 460-hp Dodge Viper GTS ACR (soon to be upgraded with a 500-hp model, but no word on price) followed by the $118,098 415-hp Porsche 911 Turbo.
To hear Chevy engineers tell it, wringing 20 more horses from the aluminum V-8 was far from rocket science. They installed a larger air-cleaner, a less-restrictive mass airflow sensor, and a higher-lift camshaft to pump more air through the engine. In addition, the intake-valve stems are now hollow (for lighter weight), and the exhaust-valve stems are filled with a liquid sodium alloy to aid cooling. Finally, exhaust back pressure was reduced by the removal of the small and restrictive catalytic converters that were mounted in the exhaust manifolds. New, more effective downstream cats allow the Z06 to meet NLEV standards. Horsepower increases to 405 hp at 6000 rpm, and torque goes up 15 pound-feet to 400 at 4800 rpm.

This incremental horsepower allowance is typical of Chevy, and we wouldn't be surprised if it's saving another power injection in case Corvette sales tank in the next few years.
But horsepower is only one side of the performance equation. The other side, weight, is not likely to change until the next-generation C6 rolls out. In this characteristic, however, the Vette is already quite impressive. Despite an extremely roomy interior and usable trunk, the 2002 Z06 weighs 3181 pounds, about 300 pounds less than the Porsche Turbo and 250 pounds shy of the Viper GTS.

A weird thing happened the first time we tested the newly fortified Z06 ("Supertuner Challenge," September 2001). The 405-hp 2002 Z06 was surprisingly less spry than the 385-hp 2001 Z06. We guessed that a slippery launch surface was to blame, so we acquired another example for more tests.
We were right. The updated Z06 obliterates the previous one. Zero to 60 mph your thing? The new car scampers there in four seconds flat, 0.3 second quicker than the quickest '01 Z06 we tested and only 0.1 behind the four-wheel-drive 911 Turbo.

In the quarter-mile there's an even bigger difference. The new car did it in 12.4 seconds at 116 mph, whereas the 385-hp car needed 12.7 seconds to hit 113 mph. For an only five-percent increase in power, the new Z06 certainly extracts quite a bit. For the record, both cars we're comparing here were tested by the same driver using the same test equipment.


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A ringer? Perhaps, but Chevy claims the car will sprint to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds—0.1 second quicker than what we achieved. We couldn't match the company's times for the 2001 Z06, either, but this time we're much closer, exactly matching the time and speed predicted for the quarter-mile. During our "Supertuner Challenge," we learned that at least one GM guy, John Heinricy, can bang off clutchless upshifts. It's very possible our 60-mph time is a tick off simply because we use the clutch for every upshift.

As one would expect, braking remains excellent, with only 160 feet required to stop from 70 mph, and the latest Z06 spins around the skidpad with 0.96 g of grip.
Chevy says the only chassis change involved tinkering with the rear shocks. Although midcorner bumps send the back end skittering, the Z06 is as compliant as sports cars get.

Twenty more ponies didn't transform this car; they only strengthened what we already knew: The Z06 is a keeper at any price. There's more performance available than anyone but the gifted or highly skilled can take advantage of, yet the Z06 is still comfortable and quiet enough that your guest won't require bribes to ride along.
Despite its extra poundage, we'd prefer the prettier hatchback body, with its more flexible luggage space, to the notchback shape all Z06s are saddled with. That and the somewhat flimsy seats are all there is to complain about. Otherwise, Chevy has hit a home run that keeps sailing farther out of the park.

January 27th Sunday on TNN 10am eastern and Pacific? or at least thats what it reads on site..

ALSO..Next week should be the week that the speedvision version of Motorweeks review is on..The beginning of the show would also include a Lexus ES 300 review...(boo!)

Anyways..I'm looking foward to the Television review so I thought I'd pass this along. Heres the link to car and driver site..they have a forum and a lot of people interested in ZO6's and C5's..maybe make a post or two about how great this site is!

I called it one of the best on the net..for one simple reason..I think is! Heres the article..and if you get a chance..shoot a hello on the crazy forum there.

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One more thing..

I have to say this ..the 2001 zo6 is an amazing vehicle..hell it has been reported to be the best sports car chosen by almost every magazine..

The fact the 2002 is a little better is really an accomplishment to chevy..

hell those 20 ponies are easy to pick up..

GM just has no real competition from anyone on either the 2001's or the 2002's..

Thats why I believe 2003 the zo6 will be the same car.

How far can GM go to outclass the competition..

Congratulations to all you guys for having such a great car..

high 11's @ 117mph -120mph so easily by forum members cars..Holly crap!


Steve Cole was on hot rod tv yesterday..his supercharged zo6 in mag red? pulled high 11's and low 12's? Nice car..any of you guys catch that on tv? Anybody catch what his trap speed was in that 600 hp monster?

Happy holidays.

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