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I went to a car show last Friday at a place called the Tower Shoppes. This show goes on every riday evening in Florida by the intersection of University Drive and I-595. There was a MY ZO6 at the show. I want tknow if this person is on the Forum, if not I will talk to him and recommend him to the Forum.
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On 2001-06-07 21:40, VPRKLLR spewed forth this drivel:
If not I will talk to him and recommend him to the Forum.
Thanks Killer!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif
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VPRKLLR,I know him. I believe his name is Eric[brown hair, about 32 yrs old]. I go down there once a month. If I get in from NYC in time tomorrow I plan on shooting down around 6:30pm.I drive a Speedway White Z with chromie wheels. Stop by! FUBU69/LES
Alright FUBU,
I'll also try to talk to him, the C5 owners all line up so it's easy to tell them apart. Maybe I'll see you there.
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