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I promised to post my business partners 1/4 mile times so here they are. The car is a 98 Conv. Vette automatic. All mods done by Cartek in N.J. Mods. are :

Cartek LS1 stage 3 heads
Cartek cam
LS6 intake
TPIS long tube headers
Yank 3500 rpm torque converter
3.73 gears
computer reprogram
tranny cooler
Nitto 315 drag radials
Corsa exhaust
Vortex ramair

The Place: Englishtown N.J.
Weather: about 92-94 degrees
When: last month (I've been busy)

First time ever at a track for car & driver resulted in a best of 12.05 @ 115. with a 1.7 60' time.

1st run 12.4 on the brakes
2nd run 12.1
3rd 12.2 with wheel spin
4th 12.09
5th 12.05

Last Saturday at Englishtown he went again. Front swaybar was disconnected for better weight transfer.

Weather: mid 60's

Best run 11.77 at 116 m.p.h. with 1.71 60' time. Backed up by a couple of 11.8's. :eek:

Car is still totally streetable & reliable. My hats off to Cartek, they promised and delivered mid to high elevens with a warranty!!!
Special thanks to Dave & Julio @ Cartek, those guys know how to make Corvettes hammer!!! :cheers:

Only problem is he's now faster than my Z06 :(
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