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I am new to the forum, so please be kind. I have searched the forums for an answer to my question and I have not found an answer. My question concerns the change oil soon light. I have just recently become the owner of a 2002 Z06 that has approximately 30K miles. On the day that I picked up the car, the previous owner had the oil and filter changed to the tune of $65. 1500 miles later, the change oil soon light is on with the computer showing 3% oil life left. The previous owner used the prescribed Mobil 1. Is a sensor malfunctioning or is this average? I checked the oil level and found it to be full and still pretty clean. (I had difficulty actually seeing the oil on the dipstick.)

Has anyone else had this short oil life or is a sensor bad?


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Welcome Aboard the Good Ship Z06 :z: :z:

When the previous Owner changed the oil he failed to reset the oil change light.

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Here are some neat things you may or may not have known. I think they are some neat facts about the C5, that not all of them are located in the owners manual. Feel free to share with anyone....
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________
1: The little yellow "helper light" on the bottom of the rear-view mirror
2: That you can put your key in the door and turn it twice towards the rear to pop the trunk
3: That you can pop the trunk and also pop the gas cap cover by pulling on metal lines hidden in the back.
4: That the little slotted cover on the dash behind the steering wheel is where the inside air temperature sensor is located
5: All of the option codes are in the glove box
6: Tire inflation recommended pressures are on the driver's door.
7: The thing that looks like a little LED near the DIC buttons is a light sensor
8: When the engine is shut off, you can get the odometer reading by turning on the parking lights.
9: You can reset oil life by pumping gas pedal 3 times
10: If you hold down the RESET button while on one of the trip odometers and it gives you the mileage you traveled since last starting the car.
11: If you have a 6-speed car you can pop the trunk when the car is running by lifting the e-brake.
12: If you hate Daytime Running Lights you can pull the e-brake ONE click and they go off.
13: The parking brake is self-adjusting... but depends on the car rolling or wanting to roll backward to work.
14: You can find your build sheet is in the front re-bar, your front bumper cover must be pulled for access. If your car is a mid-year or later 1998.
15: With the car locked, you can press the key fob button to unlock the trunk without setting off the alarm or having the doors unlock too.
-That you can put your key in the driver's door and
turn it twice towards the front to unlock the
passenger door and a third time to pop the trunk.

-If you leave your turn signal on, in about 1 minute
it will start to ding (loud enough to hear over the
stereo) to let you know you have old timers disease.

-Hold down the Active Handling button for 5 sec. to
engage "Competitive Driving" on cars equipped with
active handling (2000 and previous years must be

-If you pull the seatbelts all the way out while
you're buckled in, they ratchet back in to hold you
tighter into the seat.

-Simply remove fuse #2 under the hood and your DRLs
will be out permanently. Only thing affected is that
when you unlock at night using the key fob your front
turn signal lights and back up lights will not will
not flash. Your front turn signals will operate
normally, however.

-The side-view mirrors can twist both forward and
backward, decreasing the chance of damage if struck.

-There is a release opening with a flap to let air out
of the car when the hatch is closed. It is located
just above the driver side rear compartment, behind
the carpet and on the side of the car. Not that it
really works well.

-Also you can ground your amp to a screw/bolt that
holds the rear middle compartment to the frame.

-If you turn on the headlights, then go to parking
light position, the lamps remain up but the headlights
are not left on.

Passive Keyless Entry:
Installed in 1993 - '96 Corvettes. A transmitter on the key fob would lock / unlock the doors based on its proximity to the car.
-If you have the passive entry feature: If you lock
your keys in the car, wait a few minutes and then
shake the car. That will unlock the car.

-HUD has a shift light for manuals.

-You can eject the cd from the in-dash player without
turning on any power. Don't even need key in the

-The cruise will disengage if you purposely make sharp
side to side turns while cruising at say 60-80 mph.

-You can program setting #3 (both memory buttons at
once) in the seat memory to run the seat back and
steering wheel forward for getting in/out of the car
with the engine running.

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Congratulations on the Z and welcome to :z:
Do you have the owners manual for the car?
It tells you how to reset oil life.
However, I use the It Il Go listed method ... turn the key to the "on" position, but don't start the car. Set the DIC to "Oil Life Remaining" and pump three times ... voila ... resets to 99% or 100 %.
Enjoy the ride! :jammin:

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sounds like they forgot to reset the computer. I personally would change the oil. I mean you just bought a very expensive car. You have no idea what the person did before you. Just for peace of mind I would change the oil. It's like changing the locks on your house.
Just a little note, one friends engine (on an audi) blew up 2 weeks ago cause he thought someone had changed the oil and they hadn't and another friend just had to change his at 10:00 pm the other night (on a dodge truck) cause his oil light came on and come to find out there was only about 2 qts of oil in the truck and he had it to a shop that said they had changed it. Charged him and he had a recipt and everything.

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Welcome to the best Z site on the web. OIL threads tend to get real personal everyone has an opinion ---change ----don't change -----3000 miles 10000 miles you will get every answer posable. All that being said I would change it and reset oil life to 100% . If you do it yourself it will cost you $35---$40 it's piece of mind and you never know what the previous owner really did . Check out this web site and download THE MOTOR OIL BIBLE it's free and a wealth of info . I personally would not change my oil until the oil life hits 15% or once a year whichever comes first . My Z sits in the garage all winter so it's once a season for me . As for what is normal the change oil light won' t come on until you are somewhere between 7,000 to 10,000 miles depending on how you drive . If you decide to change the oil when the change oil light comes on I would suggest you change the filter every 3,000 or 4,000 miles and top off the oil JMHO Bob:cheers: :cheers:
P.S. This is YOUR Z and the choice is always YOURS
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