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Check Eng DIC Code 0443 & 1064

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Ran Buttonwillow with TCRA, During one session, Check Eng lite came on. I believe the codes are pcm 0443 and the other was u1064. I think it has something to do with the HVAC system??? Reset and they come right back.
Have appt with dealer. Just looking for a little info up front.
Had it on the dyno at Sacto, Thanks to Rich.
Ralph said fuel air was rich, 11.4 at wot. Only got 340.7rwhp expexted more. maybe wishful thinking.
Any info appreciated.
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U1064 Lose of Communications with DCM

I could not find a P0443.
Hey Terry, nice to see you over here. Its kind of a shame all those mods to your car didn't really add up to more.

You looked kind of pissed when you left Ralphs.
Was more disappointed than anything. Ralph did say if I could get the fuel/air ratio right he though it could make 20 more hp. Maybe wishful thinking again.
I did enjoy the get together.
This car on the track is just to much fun.
Hi there,
P0443 is the control code for the evaporative purge solenoid.
From your mods, I would remove the drivers side fuel rail cover, and look at the number 3 injector, as there is a solenoid there, with one connector, and a tube going out the front toward the throttle body, and one going to the back of the engine.
I am suspecting it is not plugged in, or the tubes are not set to click and are loose.
Please let me know what you have, c4c5
Thanks,I was looking at the maintenance manual last night. I saw that the 0443 code was talking about the Purge valve. But, couldnt put together info you provided.
As with others on this forum I appreciated you being here to help point us toward the light.
I will check out the connection at the solinoid as soon as I get home.
Do you think, that the purge solinoid, not funcioning properly would cause my air fuel ratio to be a little fat.
Thanks again to all for the input.
Hi there,
While it is possible that a vacuum leak will cause driving concerns, I believe that your o2s will compensate for this, as the tubes are not that big.
My concern is that you have not set a 440, 442, or 446, which would all be an indication of a leak from the solenoid to the tanks in the back.
So, I feel that you may have a bad solenoid, from what you have told us.
Please keep us posted, c4c5
Checked connections at the solinoid and as far as I can trace, both electrical and plumbing all seem to be seated.
I guess I will have to wait until my local tech can put some test equipment on it.
Somewhat mystified that I am getting the the u1064 at the same time. The 0443 points to the purge solinoid, which i believe is off of the PCM. The u1064 say it lost connection with the BCM.
I guess the mystery will be unraveled Tuesday.
Thanks agin for your help.
c4c5, et all,
Well got the Z06 back from the dealer.
Replaced the Purge valve and fixed the rear end oil leak.
The Tech at Parker-Robb is first rate. As is the whole shop, Mgr, Service writers. this is not an advertisment, just a good experience.
The purge valve had totaly failed. It sure looked like a cheap piece.
I have a nice drive up the coast planned this weekend. Should be a good test.
If all is well I plan to schedule another trip to the dyno shop.
Thanks to all for their help.
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