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check engine light

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The check engine light came on in my Z06 today. It's on steady which states an emissions problem. I checked the codes and found three. Two were History and were minor loss of communication codes. The third is both history and current in the PCM. It's P1416 which is Air System Bank 2-B. Anybody know what that is? I have a Vortex installed. Would that have anything to do with it and will the dealer hassle me over it if I bring the car in with this particular code? Please advise.
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Hi there,
P1416 is for air injection system for the passenger side bank of cylinders.
The check valves within the air injection lines sometimes rusts shut, due to the moisture within the system.
It is not uncommon, however, you will have to leave the car, as the intake manifold has to be removed in order to change the valve, as it is behind the manifold.
No, it is not major, and no, it will not strand you.
take care, and best to you, c4c5
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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