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Nitto 1320 Legends is a free online drag racing game built by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts:
<li>Race against thousands of other people from all over the world</li>
<li>Line up to race in chat rooms where others watch and even "cheer" or "boo" you</li>
<li>Build your car using the realistic engine tuning system</li>
<li>Use your real-world car knowledge to select from hundreds of parts and dyno tune your car</li>
<li>Personalize your car with body kits, wheels, and custom graphics</li>
<li>Race for fun, bet virtual money, or put your car on the line and race for pink slips</li>
<li>Show off your garage and racing accomplishments on your profile</li>
<li>Form teams, manage team funds, and set up races against other teams</li>
<li>Enter live tournaments to win virtual prizes</li>
<li>View other people's garages, leave comments, and meet new people</li>

<a href="">Download now and get started right away. Play for free. It's easy, fun, and

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