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Checking In to the forum... Those from the Corvette Forum, check-in here

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don527 checking in. I've got a QSZ06.

Nice to see FCalmes, CorvetteSS and others familiar names. Also nice to see that you've carried over your usernames from the CF... I stuck with don527... I feel it causes less confusion keeping up on whos who on which forum.

I thought I'd start this thread so that people from the CF can announce themselves.

And if anyone is not carrying over their usernames from the CF, maybe you can post on this thread what names you are going by here and the CF.

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N4C5S said:
Don't read anything into this thread.....

The rift that once existed between Corvette Forum and Z06Vette is over at long big happy Vette family now :D

Does that mean that we can now go to Corvette Forum and post a reference to "" and not have it automatically changed? :z:
Yes, been that way for a little while now.....As long as people don't abuse it....

Same here as there. And yes, I post threads from over here on their forum and they do not get deleted.:cheers:
141 - 143 of 143 Posts
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