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Circle Racing Wheels...

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Hi Guys, I have been talking with Jon Von Loh (Vader06) for a bit about these wheels, and thought I would share! What do you guys think? The pic is actually of the 17" fronts, which they are redoing to make them lighter, as well as increase caliper clearances!

I just received the prototype set for the Rear, Factory Dimensions 18 X 10.5, and the offset is out just a bit more than stock, less than an 1/8 of an inch. Just got to actually weigh them on a digital scale... 20.66 lbs WITH Valve Stem!!!
I am very happy! Not to mention... I told Circle, they still need to cut 1 more lb out! To be PERFECT! They said, no prob... should have 19lb Rears by the beginning of May!

I will try to post pics of the 18" rears over this weekend... The Fronts that they had done originally (Shown in this pic) were just at about 19lbs... they are working to get them to 18lbs!

Dave Schotz
2001 Z-06 White w/Mod Red
Solo 2 SS Class #39
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Dave...GREAT looking wheel!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif I would love to see pix of them on the Z!!
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