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Clutch problem-- Help!

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I have the stock clutch in the car with 11,000 miles. Yesterday I was using it pretty hard and on an upshift the pedal came out only about 1/2 way and seem like it caught on something internally. It came all the way out on the next shift, but then did it again when I went through the gears again. No floor mats or anything were in the way and the clutch fluid was full.

After I drove normally for awhile it seemed ok. I haven't driven it hard since. Any ideas, and would changing the clutch fluid help?
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I had the same problem Ron, it started for me at about 5500 miles only when I stepped in to it. When I took it to the drags by the time I hit 4th gear the clutch would stay on the floor.
It was a warped flywheel.
The fix new flywheel, clutch kit, and throwout bearing.
Fixed under warranty.
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