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Clutch problem-- Help!

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I have the stock clutch in the car with 11,000 miles. Yesterday I was using it pretty hard and on an upshift the pedal came out only about 1/2 way and seem like it caught on something internally. It came all the way out on the next shift, but then did it again when I went through the gears again. No floor mats or anything were in the way and the clutch fluid was full.

After I drove normally for awhile it seemed ok. I haven't driven it hard since. Any ideas, and would changing the clutch fluid help?
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Hi there,
From what you are telling us on this, it sounds like you have a sticking slave cylinder down at the clutch assembly.
Especially when driven hard, if there is no enough lubricant on the support shaft of the slave, as it heats up, the slave may bind on the support shaft, and cause this condition.
I would explain to your dealer exactly what happened, that as the vehicle heated up, you had this issue.
Best to ya, c4c5
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