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i have several problems with my car:
1.clutch pedal sticks to the floor on hard acceleration
2. low oil light comes on after about 1500 miles after oil change
3.noise (sounds like a bad throw out bearing or bad pilot bearing) coming from that general area around the clutch
4.drivers side seat rocks
5.drivers seat belt wont retract
i have an '01 Z06 w/just about 36000 miles on it . i have an extended warranty (the best one i could buy from GM)
hears the other problem : i have taken the car in 3 times and paid my deductable and still have the same problems. they tell me all the problems are Not problems , that they are all normal.(except for the seat belt ) they did not provide me with a free rental car(like my warranty states they should) nor would they even give me a ride home when i asked if they could. i explain i have been woking on cars as a hobby for about nine years and that i had researched some of these issue via the internet and was told that i didn't know what i was talking about.(i.e.) the 2001 ls6 ring issue. so my question is does anyone have any information such as a TSB or VIS on any of these problems or anything i could take to my local chevy dealer to get them to solve these problems?
THANK for any help

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There is a TSB for oil consumption. It's a very well known and documented problem, and not just on '01's. Below is a (not too brief) synopsis.

The oil consumption TSB does cover 02s, but that doesn't mean they all have the problem, just as all 01s don't have the problem.

1999-2002: Service Bulletin: Higher Than Expected Oil Consumption
Subject: Higher Than Expected Oil Consumption (Replace Rings and Engine Valley Cover)
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Technical Service Bulletin
Number: 01-06-01-023A

Models: 1999-2001 Chevrolet Camaro, 1999-2002 Chevrolet Corvette, 1999-2001 Pontiac Firebird, with 5.7L Engine (VINs G, S -- RPOs LS1, LS6)

This bulletin is being revised to add model years for the Corvette, information on the LS6 engine and parts information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 01-06-01-023 (Section 6 - Engine).

Some owners may comment on higher than expected oil consumption. When checked, the oil consumption could be in the range of 400-600 miles per quart (700-1000 km/L).

On the LS6 engine only, the technician may find oil behind the engine throttle plate and in the intake manifold.

The cause for this condition may be an interaction between the piston rings and the cylinder bore in vehicles that are operated at higher RPMs -- typically manual transmission vehicles driven in a manner where the engine is frequently or consistently operating at greater than 3200 RPM.

On the LS6 engine only, the engine has a unique aluminum valley cover that has composite oil separating baffles and PCV plumbing incorporated. In some cases, the PCV baffle may not be properly sealed to the valley cover, causing oil to enter the PCV system.

On the LS6 engine only, replace the engine valley cover if oil is found behind the throttle body or in the intake manifold before replacing the piston ring. Refer to Engine Valley Cover Replacement in the Engine Mechanical - 5.7L subsection of the Corvette Service Manual.

A new set of piston rings is currently available through GMSPO. The new rings are part of a complete piston ring kit. Install only the number 2 compression ring and the oil expander ring from the piston ring kit. All other rings in the piston ring kit should be discarded. The original number 1 compression ring and the oil ring rails should be re-used in their original positions on the piston. All pistons should be used in the same cylinder bore.

Do not dress or hone the cylinder bore. Nothing should be done to change the bore finish for this condition. Changing the bore finish may aggravate the condition.

Refer to the Unit Repair Manual for appropriate ring removal and replacement procedure.

The number 1 compression ring and the upper and lower oil expander rails are re-used because they are already broken in for the bore that they are in. The new number 2 compression ring is made with a very sharp edge that will break in quickly.

Changing only the piston rings noted, with no change in driving style, should change oil consumption to an acceptable level. Changes in driving style that reduce the amount of time spent at higher RPMs will also positively affect oil consumption.

In addition to the standard size piston ring kit listed below, a 0.25 mm oversized piston ring kit is available. The oversized piston ring kit should only be used in those rare instances where the cylinder bore size has been machined larger to accommodate the 0.25 mm oversized piston rings.

The rocking seat is also a common problem and some folks have had trouble with sticking clutch pedals too. Do a search on the forum and you'll find lots of info. I haven't heard of issues with seat belts not retracting but it sounds like the take-up reel is bad. Should be an easy dealer fix. Good luck. :cheers:

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You should talk to the service manager at that dealership and explain that what you are experiencing is NOT normal. If you don't get satisfaction, talk to the General Manager of the dealership. If you still don't get anywhere, call the regional rep. Maybe one of the TX guys here can give you some tips on a vette knowledgeable dealership. Good luck.

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Service VME - Clutch Pedal Does Not Return When Depressed #PI00206 - (07/11/2002)

When servicing the vehicle with the VIN you entered, the following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the described symptoms.

This is a service VME regarding 1997 through 2002 Corvettes. We[rsquo ]ve had several complaints of the clutch pedal not returning when depressed. If air gets into the hydraulic clutch system, the clutch pedal may not return when depressed. This may occur at low speeds, when stopped or possibly during high RPM shifts. One source of this condition may be the clutch slave cylinder. If the clutch pressure plate was not evenly torqued to the flywheel it may have been distorted. This could result in the clutch release fingers being uneven causing the clutch slave cylinder to wobble. This wobble will eventually damage the internal seal and the slave cylinder allowing air to enter the system. If this situation is present the recommended repair is to replace both the clutch slave and clutch master cylinders. A visual inspection of the pressure plate release fingers for wobble, which would appear similar to a bent wheel, should be performed when servicing the slave cylinder. If the release fingers are found to have this condition, it will also be necessary to replace the clutch assembly. Evenly torquing the pressure plate to the flywheel is necessary to prevent this condition.

Please follow this diagnosis process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed. If these steps do not resolve the condition, please contact GM TAC for further diagnostic assistance. This diagnostic approach was developed for the vehicle with the VIN you entered and should not be automatically be used for other vehicles with similar symptoms.

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boost pimp said:
thanks for the help
TSB's for rocking seat and modification of seat belt retractor,plus the above mention oil and clutch issues.

TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 04-06-04-031 APR 04 Fuel System - Difficult Vehicle Refueling
04-06-01-013 APR 04 Engine - Serpentine Drive Belt Wear Information
04-07-30-013 MAR 04 Air Filter - SES Lamp ON/Multiple Driveability Concerns
01-07-30-036C MAR 04 A/T - DTC P0756 Diagnostic Tips
04-08-50-005 FEB 04 Interior - Seat Back(s) Twisting
00-06-02-006A FEB 04 Cooling System - Coolant Information
02-07-30-001A FEB 04 A/T - 4L60E and 4L65E DTC P0894/P1870 Diagnostics
04-07-30-006 FEB 04 A/T - 4L65E, 4L60E, 4L60, 200-4R Oil Pump Spring
01-07-30-038B JAN 04 A/T - 4L60-E/4L65-E MIL ON/DTC P0757/Slipping
03-08-44-005B JAN 04 Audio System - Poor Radio Reception/Static
04-08-48-001 JAN 04 A/C - Broken Defogger Grid Detection
02-06-05-004A JAN 04 Emissions - Catalytic Converter Damage/Misfire Codes Set
04-01-37-001 JAN 04 A/C - Control Knob Replacement Availability
04-03-10-001 JAN 04 Tires - Puncture Repair Guidelines/Procedures
02-08-48-001A DEC 03 Windows/Glass - Urethane Adhesive Usage
03-04-20-006 NOV 03 Drivetrain - Rear Differential Fluid Leak
03-08-42-012 NOV 03 Lighting - Auto Lamps Operate Erratically/Inoperative
03-07-30-056 NOV 03 A/T - 4L60-E Oil Pump Identification
03-07-30-007A NOV 03 A/T - 4L60-E, 4L65-E Delayed Gear Engagement
01-08-42-001A NOV 03 Lighting - Lamp Condensation/Replacement Guidelines
01-01-38-013A OCT 03 A/C - Unnecessary Compressor Replacement
03-06-04-060 OCT 03 Ignition System - New Spark Plug Type/Gapping
99-09-40-005A OCT 03 Interior - Seat Belt Extenders
02-06-04-022A OCT 03 Engine Controls - PCM Reprogramming/Data line Diagnosis
03-02-36-002 JUL 03 Steering - Revised Service Procedures
03-09-41-003 JUL 03 Restraint System - Proper Air Bag System Diagnosis
01-01-39-003A JUL 03 A/C - Catastrophic Compressor Failure Debris Removal
01-01-38-006B JUL 03 A/C - R-134A System Flushing Procedure
02-06-04-010A JUN 03 Instruments - Erratic Fuel Gauge Readings
03-07-30-027 JUN 03 A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing Frequently Asked Questions
99-08-52-005A MAY 03 Keyless Entry System - Operational Characteristics
03-01-39-004 APR 03 A/C - Controls Intermittently Inoperative
03-07-29-004 APR 03 M/T - Operating Characteristics
03-03-10-004 APR 03 Tire Pressure Monitor - Grommet Availability
99-01-39-007B MAR 03 A/C - Automatic A/C Functional Description
03-01-38-001 MAR 03 A/C - System Sealers/Leak Detection Guidelines
01-05-23-001A MAR 03 Brakes - Brake Rotor Lateral Runout Correction
02-08-42-001A MAR 03 Lighting - Polycarbonate Headlamp Damage Prevention
02-07-30-052B FEB 03 A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing Tool/Procedure
99-07-30-017A FEB 03 A/T - Oil Cooler Flushing/Flow Check Procedures
03-04-20-002 JAN 03 Differential - Revised Output Shaft Seal Replacement
03-04-20-001 JAN 03 Differential - Revised Rear Axle Assembly Procedure
03-04-95-001 JAN 03 Drive Axles - Revised CV Joint and Seal Replacement
99-08-64-016A JAN 03 Body - Weatherstrip Maintenance
03-06-04-012 JAN 03 Electrical - Wiring Harness Inspection Recommendations
02-06-03-006A DEC 02 Electrical - Testing Before Replacing Battery or Alt
02-06-01-038 DEC 02 Engine - Knocking or Lifter Noise
02-06-03-010 OCT 02 Battery - Parasitic Drain Information
02-06-01-029 SEP 02 Engine - Needle Bearings Found Upon Oil Change
02-06-03-008 AUG 02 Charging System - Low Voltage Display ON/Dim Lights
02-06-01-028 AUG 02 Engine - Crankcase Flushing Recommendations
02-08-47-001 JUL 02 Body Control - Update of Some Control Module DTC's
02-07-30-028 JUN 02 A/T - Serial Number/Site Code Locations/Identification
02-09-41-001 JUN 02 Computers & Controls - DTC's Set When Replacing Modules
01-06-01-023A JUN 02 Engine - Higher Than Normal Oil Consumption
02-06-01-026 JUN 02 Engine - Identification Information
02-07-30-024 MAY 02 A/T - Cracked/Broken Case Diagnosis
02-08-57-003 MAY 02 Body - Water Leaks to the Interior
02-06-01-021 MAY 02 Fuel System - Intake Manifold/Throttle Body Whistle
02-08-46-007 MAY 02 OnStar (R) - Caller Minutes Cannot Be Replenished
02-08-46-006 MAY 02 OnStar (R) - Incorrect GPS Location During OnStar Call
02-08-42-004 APR 02 A/T - PRNDL Display Dim for One Minute
02-08-46-004 APR 02 OnStar System (R) - Cellular Error Messages
99-08-51-007A MAR 02 Aluminum Wheels - Refinishing
02-06-04-015 MAR 02 Engine - Intermittent No Crank/No Start
02-06-01-008 MAR 02 Engine - New Prelube Tool
02-08-50-002 MAR 02 Seat (Driver's) - Movement on Acceleration/Braking
02-06-04-005 FEB 02 Engine Controls - Revised DTC P1221
02-08-111-001 FEB 02 Tonneau Cover - Paint Is Wearing Through
99-00-89-019B FEB 02 Warranty - Parts Return Program Explained
02-07-30-003 JAN 02 A/T - New Design Reaction Shell Thrust Washer
00-00-89-027A JAN 02 Interior - New Odor Elimination Product
01-03-10-012 JAN 02 Wheel Balance/Alignment - Labor Operation Guidelines
01-07-30-041 DEC 01 A/T - Fluid Leak Diagnosis
01-07-30-043 DEC 01 A/T - Slipping/Missed Shifts Diagnostic Tips
01-08-46-006A DEC 01 Onstar(R) - Antenna Coupling Revised Procedures
01-03-10-011 DEC 01 Tires - Sidewall Damage
01-06-04-044 NOV 01 EVAP System - Special Tool Usage
01-06-01-027 NOV 01 Engine - Cylinder Head Replacement Revision
01-08-97-002 NOV 01 HomeLink(R) Transmitter - Programming Difficulties
01-07-31-002 NOV 01 M/T - Improved Clutch Bleeding Procedure
01-05-25-004A NOV 01 VSES - Warning Displayed, DTC C1288 Stored
01-03-10-009 NOV 01 Wheel Nut Covers - Loose/Missing
01-07-30-029 OCT 01 A/T - Core Return Product Feedback Form
00-06-04-011A OCT 01 EVAP System - Monitor Strategy
01-08-51-003 OCT 01 Vehicle - Interior/Exterior Anti-Corrosion Materials
01-05-22-003 SEP 01 Brakes - Vacuum Booster Replacement Procedure Update
01-00-89-013 SEP 01 RKE Transmitter - Correct Use of Labor Operation R4490
00-00-90-002A SEP 01 Tires - Recommended Inflation Pressure Specifications
01-08-46-004 AUG 01 Cellular Phones - Operating Characteristics
01-08-67-003 AUG 01 Convertible Top - Squeak From Rear Of Top
01-01-38-006A JUL 01 A/C - Proper Flushing Procedures
00-01-38-009A JUN 01 A/C - Factory Added Leak Detection Dye
01-00-89-010 JUN 01 Diagnostic Worksheet - Usage
01-08-64-009 JUN 01 Doors - Rattle At High Audio Volume
99-06-03-010A JUN 01 PCM/BCM Replacement - DTC's B001/B1271/B1780 Set
01-09-40-002 JUN 01 Seat Belt System - Collision Replacement Guidelines
99-01-39-004A MAY 01 A/C - Odor Emission in Hot Weather
01-00-89-009 MAY 01 Key/Key Number/Security Chip - Replacement
01-08-46-001 MAY 01 On Star Module - Required Reconfiguration
01-07-30-021 MAY 01 Park/Neutral Switch - Connector Hard to Remove
01-07-30-012 APR 01 A/T - 4L60 E Revised Valve Body/Spacer/Gaskets
01-07-30-020 APR 01 A/T - 4L60E Valve Body/Spacer/Gasket Kit Reference
99-07-30-020A APR 01 A/T - Service Procedure Changes
01-05-22-002 APR 01 Brake Booster - Incomplete Pedal Return
01-08-44-005 APR 01 Radio Display - Error Code Diagnosis/Repair
01-02-32-004 APR 01 Special Tools - Power Steering System Analyzer
01-07-30-010 MAR 01 A/T - Torque Converter Replacement Guidelines
01-05-25-004 MAR 01 ABS Module - Warning Lamp ON/DTC C1288 May Be Set
01-08-58-001 FEB 01 `B' Pillar Weatherstrip - Wind Noise
01-01-38-001 JAN 01 A/C Compressor - Shaft Seal Replacement
01-04-20-001 JAN 01 Rear Axle - Revised Set Up/Measurement Procedures
00-08-48-005 DEC 00 Glass - Distortion Explanation
00-08-48-003 NOV 00 Stationary Glass - Installation Method
00-00-90-001 NOV 00 Suspension - Chassis Lubrication Importance

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Well your Dealer is have some problems that are common.

What he didn't tell or he doesn't realize is HE has to fix them under the Extended Warranty/TSB. If it's covered.

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I would also like to add that your dealer sucks in terms of customer service. I would complain Very LOUDLY. They should offer to give you a loaner or a rental replacement. If that is not possible they SHOULD offer a ride home at least. I would take this info back to them, then complain about there lack of knowledge on their most expensive and flagship product. Then I would go to another dealer. PERIOD. Good luck. Dr.Bigg

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i see you live in the DFW area, some dealers are good and some are just terrible...a good service department that many in the DFW area use is Huffines Chevrolet in Plano (not the one in Lewisville)...ask specifically for Service Consultant - Keith Overturf (972-867-4600). I have found him to be trustworthy, knowledgeable of C5s and as long as owner not being redicules very cooperative....good luck.

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Gotta concur with Dr.Bigg and C5CU above... your dealer sucks a$$... take C5CU's advice and go to the dealer in Plano, I was pondering them based on past experiences of others here and I live in the Houston area! I ultimately found a pretty good place in Houston. Hope you get your problems resolved.

FYI- the dealer I use here gives me a ride to work for same day service items and will deliver a rental if it's kept overnight.

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thanks again for all the help, i took the car to classic chevrolet in grapevine. with the TSB/VME information. they seem to recall some of these issues now. strange huh? if i can't get them resolved i'll go to plano and see if they can.

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I have to add my $.02

I owned an 01 Trans Am. I took it to the dealer because the headlight was making noise and would pop-up when you hit the door unlock key on the FOB. The service tech told me he had no idea what was making this happen and needede the car for a few days to run tests. I told him I knew what was wrong and explained it to him in great detail, then I showed him another web forum dealing with F-bodies adressing that same issue. In the short of it he thanked me for the info and fixed the problem under warranty.


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did the throw-out bearing thing ever get fixed ? I have a rattleing sound from my clutch area too, Been told by a local shop owner it didn't sound normal......... will gm fix it under my gmpp warranty ? Car only has 11k miles and s a 02, so I know it has never been raced, a police officer owned it before me.

I want to take the car in ,but don't want to be told its normal, I've had numerous lt1/ls1 cars and know its not a normal sound.....
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