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Competition Mode.:)

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Tried out the competiton mode today. I like it, I like it a lot.

I have found the TC to be a little too Parental in spirited driving. In the rain or cold though, I leave it to the computer.


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I would use the competition mode if I drove my car in all weather conditions but my garage queen only comes out of the house on nice days so I turn all funtions off. The traction control does not work like my M5 does, on the Vette when traction control is activated the power is cut down to almost nothing and is dangerious, with the M5 you can barely tell it is on, very smooth when activated and the tire spinning maching from hell when turned off.

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<<on nice days so I turn all funtions off>>

After extensive experimentation with AH on and off, and after reading numerious posts entitled something to the effect of "How AH saved my a$$", I've come to the conclusion that I'll always leave AH on unless I'm at the track, or unless I'm trying a well controlled experiment. Now TC is another story, and I often turn that off except when it's wet out.

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