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confused on color choice!!

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When I put my deposit down on my 2002 Z ..He wanted to know what color..a tentative choice for now til the actual order is made. I chose QuickSilver..mainly cuz, well my wallpaper is Franks car on that red lift. It is so pretty! I saw a Black Z coming down the road at me. Now I own a 99 Black TransAm...beautiful car in black...I see this black car coming..amber lights, so I am thinking its another gets closer....Damn..a black Z...absolutely stunning. Black is so friggin hot in takes so much to keep clean, but I think I need to make a change from Silver to Black.

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On 2001-04-26 23:25, SMFCPACFP spewed forth this drivel:
My car before my Z was silver (1996 Dodge Viper GTS).

Silver 96 GTS, was that a repaint? Only thought 1996 were blue.
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